Drywall Repair

Wall repair is not as easy as you may think. Problems such as nail holes or water leaks can leave a lasting mark. That's why it's often a good idea to bring in drywall repair experts instead of attempting to tackle the job yourself. In and around San Francisco, CA you can count on Pop Painting and Drywall to repair drywall issues in your commercial or residential space. From holes to cracks to water damage and beyond, we'll work to restore your walls to their former glory. 

Finishes and Texture

Pop Painting and drywall have the tools and know-how to complete your drywall finishing job the way you envisioned. Nothing is more stressful than having shabby looking walls in a beautiful home. Pop Painting and Drywall can do the job the right way. Thanks to our drywall finishers, you can enjoy gorgeous walls that you will be proud to show off to friends and family.

Pop Painting and Drywall specializes on creating the following wall finishes: Santa-Fe, Orange Peel, Splat-Knockdown, Stomp-Knockdown, Hawk and Trowel, Skip Trowel, and Smooth Texture.

Priming and Painting

At Pop Painting and Drywall we are well established specialist in all types of painting work including: protective coating, spray painting, surface preparation, in-tumescent painting, painting repair and patching, and floor coatings. We can manage any size projects and we always work accommodating clients necessities with an understanding that our clients want a speedy, clean, and quality service. All of our skillful painters have many years of experience under their belts and know how to get the job done in a professional manner. It is worth mentioning that Pop Painting and Drywall emphasizes on keeping clean all working and surrounding areas. We won't start in your project until we have all areas like floors and entrances protected and sealed. 

Drywall Installation

Professional drywall installation is an investment that pays for itself because it keeps the price of the property at a higher value than a property with unattractive walls. Whether  it is an extension to your property, a change of interior layout, or you are building a completely new house, you can rest assured that Pop Painting and Drywall has the experience and the right people to complete your drywall installation the appropriate way. Remember, we don't only know how to professionally install drywall, we also work and install cement board, dens shield, green board, rock board, mold proof board, type X board, etc., for those bathroom, kitchen and exterior projects. Contact us if you need more information on the right board for your project. 

Insulation and Soundproofing

Noisy neighbors, live near a freeway, or you just want a quieter place? your place is too hot in the summer but too cold in the winter? Well, now that your walls are open, it is recommended that you also take the opportunity to improve your wall's soundproofing and insulation to reduce external noise and to reduce energy costs related to home temperature control. At Pop Painting and Drywall we can assess you on finding the right solutions for your particular problems.