How to Choose Paint Colors

To make any room seem more spacious, choose colors that are light and bright. Think pastels and neutrals. Lighter colors bounce more light around, thus making it seem more airy.
To make a room seem cozier, go with darker hues. Darker hues absorb more light, which in turn makes the room seem warmer and smaller.

Take into consideration how much natural light is coming from windows and doors. It is safer to go with lighter colors when there is less natural light going into the space. On the other hand, when it comes to spaces with a lot of natural light, there’s more possibilities of going darker, but lighter colors will also look great.

We always suggest getting paint samples and either painting directly on the wall that needs updating or at the very least painting on a piece of cardboard and taping it to that wall. Paint appears different depending on how much light is hitting it. Indoor light and sunlight affect the way the paint will look once finished. Light can come from either light bulbs or sunlight entering through a door or window. Once the paint dries, assess which color you like best. Or if none of the colors you choose work for you, choose a couple more samples. We suggest going with 2 or 3 color samples and choosing one of those because going with more colors will make it more difficult to choose. Unless the previous colors won’t work.

Alas, any paint color can work, with the right lighting, and coordinating décor. 


Gabriel Hernandez