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Pop Painting and Drywall philosophy is to always work hard to improve your current state into a better one. Pop Painting and Drywall has humble beginnings being at first nothing but a dream of a Hard-working individual, Marco Pop. Marco always knew that he was very good at doing handyman job. For many years, he worked for others while learning everything he could about painting, walls, carpentry, etc. During those years, he was considered one of the best employees at his company, not because he knew everything, but because he always found a way to resolve the obstacles that would emerge here and there. If there was something to be done, he would find the way to do it or he would find the right person to do it. Thanks to this audacity, and the help of others that believe in him, Marco decided to take the big step, leave his secure job, and start Pop Painting and Drywall. When he did this, he didn’t have much experience with the hassles of managing a company. However, he learnt and improved because there was something he did know, “to never compromise quality because the quality of your work is your best asset.”

It is with this philosophy that we work. Pop Painting and Drywall never compromises quality to save a couple of extra work days or to save on other trivialities. We know that down the road, our clients will appreciate a job well done that will last for many years. For this reason, we have created this web page, to reach you and serve you. We are open for business. You are welcome to click around and contact us when you are ready to have beautiful walls.


Have a great day. Muchas gracias.


Gabriel Hernandez

Pop Painting and Drywall 

Gabriel Hernandez